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Hear what Queens has to say.

Community-centric programming from Queens Public Television in New York City, QPTV Radio offers an interesting and eclectic mix of original content - from QPTV podcasts to audio versions of our award-winning television programs.


Queens County USA

From the studios of Queens Public Television in New York City, welcome to “Queens County USA.” Presenting diverse stories from the most diverse place on earth. Listen in and join host Mark Bacino for narrative, short-form, deep dive episodes featuring eclectic Queens, New York-centric tales, past and present.

Queens Creative

The “Queens Creative” podcast comes to you from the studios of Queens Public Television in New York City. Hosted by QPTV producer Mark Bacino, “Queens Creative” looks to shine a spotlight on interesting creatives of all types from the borough of Queens, every corner of NYC and all points beyond. Through informal conversation and performance, “QC” tries to get to know these artists and their art - who they are, what they do and why they do it.

QPTV Community Media Podcast

As network television continues to provide less and less coverage of local news and topics, where can people go to find information about their community events and issues? Providing this important programming is the stated mission of hundreds of community media centers and community access TV stations across the country. The “Community Media Podcast” seeks to explain the value of community media for today’s audiences and strives to support its continued service to our publics. Coming to you from the studios of Queens Public Television in New York City, host John Collins and his guests explore the origins and rationale behind community media centers and consider what makes these centers such unique and valuable public resources. They also outline the future challenges facing community media going forward.