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QPTV Lottery

The QPTV Lottery is a first-come, first-served biennial (every other year) drawing to determine the series schedule on QPTV’s channels. An online form is completed by producers during an application reception period. After that time, applicants are processed, and series timeslots are randomly drawn for each applicant. Only one series is allowed per applicant.




A Series at QPTV is a show that is ongoing every week or every month. These shows can be either half-hour or an hour long (maximum 28:30 for half-hour, and 58:30 for an hour.) Series timeslots are selected through QPTV’s biennial Lottery.

There are two types of Series available:

  • Weekly Series are scheduled for cablecast twice a week. Two timeslots are generally provided. One of the slots is a “repeat” slot.  

  • Monthly Series are scheduled for cablecast twice a month. Two timeslots are generally provided. One of the slots is a “repeat” slot. During the Lottery application process, a producer can suggest what week of the month the show should be cablecast.


Waiting List

QPTV maintains a Series Waiting List in between our biennial Lottery drawings. Filling out a Waiting List application gives you the opportunity to place your show into the schedule during the current programming cycle. Placement on the Waiting List does not guarantee a timeslot will be given.


Live Cablecasts

A Live Cablecast is a monthly show available only to QPTV Certified Access Producers with Studio certification. Unlike pre-recorded series programs, Live Cablecasts are produced in QPTV’s Studios at the time of cablecast. Viewers may have the option of calling into the studio to have a live discussion on-air. Live Cablecast timeslots are selected during QPTV’s Lottery process. All requests are subject to approval.

The Lottery application period has ended. Please fill out the Waiting List form to apply.

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