Waiting List


If you missed the opportunity to participate in our annual Lottery drawing, or if you're new to QPTV, you can fill out a Waiting List application for an opportunity to receive time in the current programming cycle.

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Acceptable File Formats

QPTV is pleased to offer our Certified Access Producers [CAPs] and Providers the opportunity to submit their finished programs as files. QPTV is accepting both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats.
The following file types are accepted:
• MPEG-2 4:2:0 (.mpeg extension)
• Quicktime 4:2:2 (.mov or .qt extension)
• AVI 4:2:2 (.avi extension)
• H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC Part 10) (.mp4 or .wmv extension)

The following portable media devices are supported:
• USB portable hard drive (please bring your own cable)
• USB portable flash drive (also called a “thumb drive”)
• Sony memory stick
• SD memory card
• Micro SD memory card

Save your files onto one of the portable media devices listed above. Providers are required to submit their completed shows through the kiosk computers located in QPTV’s street level facility. QPTV CAPs must submit their completed programs using the kiosk computers located in the Production Department on the second floor. All portable media devices will be scanned for viruses prior to being ingested into QPTV’s library. The more material that you have on your portable device the longer it will take to scan for viruses. Therefore, it is recommended that you have only the programs that you wish to ingest on your portable media device.

Remember that your program file name should use this format:
Example: JohnDoe_MyInvisibleLife_Show#12.mp4

Programs should have no more than five (5) seconds of video black at program start and program end. Do not add color bars, slate or countdown.

Special Programs

How to Submit a Non-Series Special

Non-Series Special programs can be submitted at any time.

Step One:

Before submitting any programs or applications, be sure that you have read and fully understand QPTV's Rules and Procedures.

Step Two:

Specials are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are not a guarantee for a timeslot.
We will accept two (2) tapes per submission at one (1) submission per month.
Specials are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis in any available time slots in our schedule.

Specials are scheduled at least a month in advance.

QPTV accepts programs on DVCAM format only.

Tapes must be properly labeled.

Half-hour programs may not exceed 28:30 and hour programs may not exceed 58:30.

Step Three:

Proof of residency must be submitted with your first Special.

The following forms must be included with each submission:

  • Form 2 - Channel Users Contract and Statement of Compliance
  • Form 3 - Cablecast Application
  • One (1) Videotape Trafficking Report Slip with each tape

Step Four:

Signed original forms must be submitted. Faxed copies are not accepted. The tapes and completed forms can be mailed to QPTV's Programming Dept. (with an envelope and return postage if you want tapes mailed back to you).

Tapes and forms can be submitted in person at our facility. You may call to find out air date or request an email with the air dates.

You are expected to pick up your tape after the final air date.

Contact Programming Department