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Studio Production Workshop

Trainees will learn every aspect of producing a program in QPTV’s five camera production studio. Students will get hands-on experience in multiple microphone set-ups, switching cameras, using a special effects generator, using green screen techniques, graphics and lighting. Students will also learn how to produce a live call-in show where viewers can participate in their program.

Field Production

Trainees will learn how to create programs in the field with portable equipment. Workshop includes hands-on training in audio/video recording, lighting and remote camera operations.


Students will learn non-linear editing on a PC platform using Adobe Premiere Software. Instruction includes intensive hands-on training on how to build a program using music, graphics and special effects.

QPTV Studios

QPTV has fully equipped state-of-the-art production studios to create professional, high-quality television shows. QPTV’s Studios are available to Queens Residents who have earned certification in QPTV’s Studio Production Workshop.