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Content Restrictions

Queens Public Communications Corporation (QPTV) is not to be considered a censor of any program material.

QPTV's only obligation is to insure that all Local, State and Federal laws are respected regarding programs shown on the access channels.

  1. Presentation of the following material on QPTV channels is prohibited:

    1. Advertising material designed to:

      • Promote the sale of any product or service

      • Commercial programming which in whole or in part depicts, demonstrates or discusses products, services or businesses with the intent or substantial effect of benefiting or enhancing a profit-making enterprise

      • Any material which identifies any product, service, trademark or brand name in a manner that is not reasonably related to the non-commercial use of such a product, service, trademark or brand name on the program. ​Advertising material shall include, but not be limited to, references in the cablecast program, to:

        • a monetary purchase price

        • a publication

        • a telephone number 

        • a website, link, or E-mail address, which in any way promotes the advertising prohibited in the immediately preceding sentence. The use of a phone number, E-mail address or website is permitted as a reference at the end of the cablecast program but only on the condition that it be used to obtain additional information. Under no circumstances can it be used for advertising material as prohibited in QPTV RULES & PROCEDURES

    2. ​The direct solicitation or appeals for funds or other things of value for any and all purposes.

    3. Political endorsements or advertising by or on behalf of candidates for public office. (See Rules & Procedures Sections H, I & J, and K)

    4. Material which is defined as legally obscene.

    5. Any programming which constitutes or promotes any gambling enterprise in a manner which is in violation of any applicable local, state or federal laws.

    6. Material which constitutes libel, slander, invasion of privacy or publicity rights, unfair competition, violation of trademark or copyright, or which may violate any local, state or federal law.

    7. Material which has a reasonable probability of creating an immediate danger or damage to property or injury to persons, or of creating a public nuisance, or inciting a riot.

    8. Material or programming which has a reasonable probability of causing the substantial obstruction of law enforcement or other governmental functions or services.

  2. When program content violations are brought to QPTV's attention, QPTV shall take such steps as are necessary to comply with FCC regulations and applicable City, State and Federal laws.