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Queens Stories: The Immigrant Story of Cristina Rios

Queens Stories

Cristina Rios was born and raised in Ecuador and came to the United States to Queens at the age of 22. Her grandfather was able to sponsor her coming to the United States. She’s Cristina a first generation immigrant and also a mother of a second-generation child. Cristina was able to fight through all the struggles she faced as an immigrant, coming to queens, and follow her passion and achieve her dream. It would be a great opportunity to get a story about an immigrant who came to the United States during their early 20’s, and considers the United States their home. It shows a different perspective then first-generation youth face. • Executive Producer: Daniel J. Leone • Supervising Producer: Luchia Dragosh • Producer: Noran Omar • Cinematographers: Christo Bakalov, Luchia Dragosh • Editor: Noran Omar • Production Assistant: Christina Gary