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Queens Conversations: Women's History Month

Queens Conversations

Over 100 years ago, suffragettes and their supporters succeeded in passing the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. Their struggle for equality, diversity, and inclusion continues to this day. Despite the fact that women constitute almost 53% of our population, many industries and enterprises do not reflect this percentage and remain significantly male-dominated. This episode of "Queens Conversations" will feature two women who challenged the status quo when they successfully entered the world of sports. Collette V. Smith was the first female coach in the franchise history of the New York Football Jets. She was also the first African American female coach in the NFL. Also joining us will be Lucille Kyvallos, a pioneer and legend in women's basketball. She turned down two offers from professional teams to embark on a legendary coaching career at Queens College and helped bring women's collegiate basketball before the nation in the early 1970s. We will also talk with Mala Panday, the Principal of The Young Women's Leadership School of Queen. As part of a nationwide network, the school continues to encourage young women to follow their dreams and stay on the path to college and future successful careers. Finally, we also want to honor and recognize the importance of the trans community in the fight against sexism and thank them for their efforts as human rights activists. The lifelong work of Lorena Borjas remains as an outstanding example of their contributions. Please join our discussion as we help celebrate Women’s History Month on "Queens Conversations".