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COVID-19 - Episode 1: Understanding the Virus



Tune in as QPTV’s Roslyn Nieves hosts a Zoom meeting with Dr. Elaine Leinung, DNP,FNP-C,RN,CNE; to discuss the basics of the virus. Dr. Elaine Leinung is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 35 years of nursing experience. Formerly President of the Brooklyn/Queens Chapter of the New York State Nurse Practitioners Association. She currently serves as Program Coordinator for the local Board of Directors NP Association. 

Dr. Leinung began her practice as an RN prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. In addition to her hospital experience, Dr. Leinung has worked as an NP in a SUNY College Health Clinic, and most recently in a family medical care practice. As a Certified Nurse Educator, Dr. Leinung recently retired from teaching as an Assistant Professor of Nursing in CUNY, where she prepared many nurses to enter the work force. Dr. Leinung has been dedicated to meeting the health care needs of the community. 

Watch this program on as Dr. Leining talks about resources and everyone's part in flattening the curve.