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Cabbie Cuisine: Milton Santana EP101

QPTV Presents

Cabbie Cuisine features the favorite food places or home meals of cab drivers working in "The World's Borough," Queens, New York.  Cab drivers--many of whom are immigrants--are the experts in knowing their way around town, and also know where to find a one-of-a-kind meal at an affordable price.  This series chronicles a day in the life of a cabbie as they take us to their favorite places for meals that remind them of their childhoods, traditions or memories, often with the food representing their motherlands. Some even take us to specialty grocers in search of homeland ingredients, and cook a meal large enough for their families.

EP 101 Milton Santana:
Queens-native Revel driver Milton Santana takes us to a South Corona sandwich shop that serves up a familiar savory Dominican burger, the kind this mother used to make for him as a kid, and satisfies the hunger of many Dominican-Americans.