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Around Queens: PubliColor

Around Queens
Graffiti-Covered Wall in Corona Undergoing Colorful Revamp by Underperforming Youth. The graffiti-covered wall across the street from the Corona Arts and Sciences Academy is undergoing a colorful transformation. PubliColor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underperforming youth through design-based programs, has partnered with Council Member Francisco Moya and the 110th Precinct to beautify a 3-block section of the Long Island Rail Road wall along 44th Avenue in Corona. The Publicolor Paint Club works with students and volunteers to beautify schools and public space through color. Students and volunteers with the club and the Corona Arts and Sciences Academy, located at 98-11 44th Ave., have started painting the wall with vivid green stripes to liven up the area. 100% of Publicolor high school seniors graduated on time vs. 64% of their peers in public schools. 85% of Publicolor high school seniors graduated college-ready vs. 25% of their peers enrolled in public schools. 100% of Publicolor high school seniors went on to college or post-secondary accreditation vs. 59% of high school graduates citywide. Students on the Publicolor scholarship had a college persistence rate of 96%. The rate for freshmen persisting into the sophomore year was 100%. The current graduation rate for scholarship program is 63%compared to a national graduation rate of 52%for overall students and only 19%for low-income, first-generation college students. As a result of their participation in SDS 2018, the cohort of Publicolor students increased their scores in reading diagnostics by an average of 10%and in math diagnostics by 11%. Students participating in SAT prep increased their scores on College Board SAT practice tests by an average of 48%in Math and 37%in critical reading. All COLOR Club and Next Steps students commit to performing 300+hours of community service each year!