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Around Queens: Cooking With Biny

Around Queens

Farhana is the daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants, full time pharmacist by day, and teachs private cooking classes out of my own home kitchen where I feel most at home. she dreamt about , cooking and often pretended to host her own make believe cooking show. She was convinced that it would never actually happen, that dream is too big, too far-fetched - “ I'm not good enough.” This year Farhana got featured on the Drew Barrymore Show cooking showdown! And was the first hijabi to be featured! Farhana says that this “ new chapter in my life, with extreme gratitude and appreciation for everything I've been given, I look back and see how far I have come - With God's infinite mercy, I am blessed with a loving family, supportive husband, three joyful children and a career that I love. I can tell that little girl - your dream is NOT TOO BIG, not TOO FAR FETCHED and that actually no dream is really too big. To borrow a line from The Alchemist- "it's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting"