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Original Programming from Queens Public Television

Circle of Life: Excellence in Queens Health Care

Circle of Life

A medical series that takes place at the various hospitals throughout the borough of Queens, this series was initially created to portray the excellence in care for the hospitals within the community, highlighting what they have to offer to Queens borough residents. However, the Circle of Life series also manages to tell the stories of average people in the Queens community who suffer, in one way or another, from some sort of medical condition. Real stories, real people, who stay focused on getting through their everyday existence... they need excellent care from these various medical staffs and institutions.

The talent behind this series is real doctors and medical professionals, real patients and (sometimes) their families. They are not paid actors; for they are patients who have babies. They are the babies. They are cancer victims. They are drug addicts. Some of them can't stop smoking. They are nurses, doctors, and medical personnel who are dedicated to their jobs and to making their patients as comfortable as possible. They are working in hospitals which are in need of more funding for the many programs they would like to make available for those who reside in Queens.
The series goes deep into the world of these doctors and specialists, highlighting their work in the healing arts. They explain what they do as they practice, and we get to see some fascinating procedures which most are not privy to. Our cameras are in the operating rooms as physicians save, sustain, and welcome lives into the world. They explain procedures so that we, the viewing public, can gain some insight as to the techniques that are available in modern medicine today. We watch, we listen, and we learn... we learn about the options that we never knew we had available to us right here in Queens.

Some of the content does get extremely graphic, however that's the reality of the situation; a brain surgery is going to show a live brain inside someone's head. A natural birth is going to show a woman naked from the waist down. An angioplasty is going to have some blood loss... that's unavoidable. Unavoidable and real.

Education and early detection is a key factor in avoiding health problems. The Circle of Life: Excellence in Queens Health Care will no doubt teach people something they don't already know... whether it's watching a new baby being brought into the world by way of a c-section, what to do in order to avoid having a heart attack, or where to go if you're a drug addict. The Circle of Life: Excellence in Queens Health Care is a quality program that will benefit our children, our community, and our people who live and work in the borough of Queens.