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Queens Update: A Town Hall Meeting: Gun Control and the Second Amendment

Queens Update

BE SURE TO TUNE IN FOR THIS LIVELY “2011” PROGRAM AND SEE HOW ISSUES ON GUN CONTROL REMAIN DEBATABLE IN “2015” QPTV’s series Queens Update: A Town Hall Meeting is designed to provide members of the community with an opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns about important issues facing society. QPTV’s program, Gun Control and the Second Amendment, is significant because approximately 11,680 deaths a year, in the United States, are a result of gun violence. QPTV provided a forum for members of the community to discuss Second Amendment rights. The 2011 panel featured Robert J. Masters, Deputy Executive Assistant, Queens District Attorney; William “Bill” Scott, Attorney; George Zouvelos, Esq. President of New York State Professional Bondsman; and Naveed Husain, Chief Information Officer of Queens College. The program, focused on the interpretation of the Second Amendment and what it means to have the right to bear arms. The discussion went deeper, as questions were raised on the subject of the distribution of firearms and how they end up in the hands of criminals, juveniles, and the mentally ill. Community members also debated whether firearm laws should have tighter restrictions to prevent illegal gun sales and thereby stop crimes committed with guns.