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Queens Conversations: Stop Asian Hate - Start the Healing

Queens Conversations

Recent news reports from Queens and around the country would seem to indicate an alarming surge in unprovoked attacks on Asian American people. The attacks often include shouted racial slurs, threats and cries of "go back home", "not your country", and "killer virus"!
It's not clear what is motivating these vicious assaults. Whether the violence is caused by pandemic stress, politics or the power of simmering long-term racism, people and communities are responding to protect and offer help to any potential victims.
In this episode of QUEENS CONVERSATIONS, we'll meet with some people who can help us to understand the problem of Anti-Asian hate attacks and work to eliminate them.
Our guests include: New York State Senator John C. Liu; Michelle Tran, Co-Founder of Soar Over Hate and also an Apex for Youth Volunteer; actor and writer Christine Toy Johnson - leader of the AAPI Healing Circles program; and the NYC 2021 Youth Poet Laureate- Serena Yang.