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Queens Conversations: Queens Then, Queens Now

Queens Conversations

We should all enjoy a feeling of pride when we hear that Queens is one of the most diverse boroughs in our nation. Every day, people of many races, religions, and countries of origin live and work here in harmony with each other. We wondered, however, if Queens was always such a "melting pot" of a community. For this episode of Queens Conversations, we decided to look back at the recent history of our borough and tell the story of its transformation as Queens adapted to substantial changes in our economy, society, and population. Naturally, we reached out to the Queens Historical Society for some insights. Branka DuknicExecutive Director, offered to explore the recent history of our borough and highlight some significant places to visit that exemplify how Queens has grown. Queens Historian and Queens Historical Society Board President Jason Antos will provide us with a window into the colorful past of our vibrant community while sharing some fascinating photos from his extensive collection. We hope you'll join us for this exciting and informative program.