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Queens Conversations: Neighborhood Notes - Astoria

Queens Conversations

The borough of Queens is renowned for its diversity, mainly created by the waves of immigrants who chose to settle here over many decades. At first, they often tended to live together with others who had similar backgrounds and values, helping to form distinct neighborhoods. Today, Queens is a mosaic of these vibrant and different neighborhoods, so we decided to examine what makes them unique. In a series we call Neighborhood Notes, we'll be looking at the food, the culture, the history, and the people of our colorful Queens neighborhoods. For our first stop, let's visit - Astoria. Our guides will be Bob Singleton, Executive Director of the Greater Astoria Historical Society; Sonia Mylonas, Founder of Give Me Astoria; Dev Bondarin, Artistic Director of the Astoria Performing Arts Center; and Rana Abdelhamid, District 12 Democratic Candidate for Congress.