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Queens Conversations: The Battle Against Eviction

Queens Conversations

After January 1st, 2021 the CDC’s Moratorium on Evictions will expire. That will place many thousands of New Yorkers in real danger of being evicted from their homes. Many of these people are minorities, are in low-income situations, or are recent immigrants. They are also often the very same people who have been serving us as health care workers, medical assistants, food service employees, transportation workers, and as other essential front-line workers.

This episode of Queens Conversations will explore what the Right to Counsel NYC Coalition organization has done to provide legal assistance for these people as they respond to landlords who are trying to evict them. They have already won one battle, successfully creating a program that provides free legal counsel for tenants who are facing eviction and can’t afford a lawyer. Watch as we interview documentary filmmaker Maeve Cavadini about his film, “Our Rights! Our Power! The RTC Campaign to Fight Evictions in NYC.” We’ll also join Lauren Springer, Tenant Leader, and  Lorena Lopez, Tenant Organizer from Catholic Immigration Services for their thoughts about this very real and impending housing crisis.

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