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Queens Conversation: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Queens Conversations

The ancient Romans named the month of January after the Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings, endings, and transitions. Images portrayed him as having two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward. That gave us the idea for our first show of 2021 – a review of those events that affected our Queens community during this past year and a vision for what the new year might bring. Two very special guests will be providing their expert perspectives for this episode . First, we are pleased that newly elected Queens Borough President Donovan Richards will be sharing his thoughts on the major issues facing our borough. Joining him will be the President and CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Thomas Grech. Tom is uniquely positioned to analyze the important economic factors which influence the success or failure of our many businesses. It’s sure to be an engaging and informative program, so be sure to watch us LIVE on QPTV Channel 34, on our website or on Facebook.