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QPTV Producer Sandi Pope Wins at the 2019 Hometown Media Awards

Congratulations to Sandi Pope Certified Access Producer, QPTV for Winning the 2019 Alliance for Community Media National Hometown Competition QPTV salutes Sandi Pope and the CISTA GIRLS for sweeping the award in the Educational Activities Category/ Independent Producer Division for the program “JUDGE LINDA on Cutting Trees” from her CISTA GIRLS ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE series. Sandi Pope is the President and CEO, of CISTA 4 CLEAN WATER INC., a not-for-profit, 501c3 Environmental Organization committed to heighten awareness of the polluted state of our oceans and the diminishing life on our planet, due to Global warming. The organization’s mission: “CISTA GIRLS leading the way to save our planet.” Since their inception in 2016, CISTA GIRLS Environmental Club was created to invite girls, 8-18 years old, to volunteer for environmental projects, such as beach clean-ups. They also host TV shows to heighten awareness on various conditions as well as facilitating library presentations, and more. Their ultimate goal is to educate the community on how to build a stronger relationship between man and its environment. The TV show is used to inform, spark conversations and demonstrate good practices; for example-how to recycle discarded household products making one of a kind art work. Also, volunteers are awarded a Community Service Certificate. The CISTA GIRLS Environmental Club provides the opportunity for GIRLS to acquire skills in: research and development, leadership, writing, public speaking and “how to” host a television show. These skills will be an asset in building their resume for their career. The JUDGE LINDA ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE TV show was produced to increase awareness of Global warming issues on a community local level. The show portrays CISTA GIRL Judge Linda, 14 years old, who presides and renders a verdict on the case of the "claimant " AKA-environmental community activist, played by Lisa Baxter, against the “defendant” played by Gordon Kelly, an access producer, who was cutting down trees in the neighborhood. This case educates the community on the value and the importance of trees in our environment. Sandi Pope enjoys producing content at Queens Public Television that makes a difference in the world. Sandi states “CISTA GIRLS ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE TV show acknowledges the privilege to be a QPTV producer to create media that would make a difference in the lives of future generations. CISTA GIRLS are leading the way to save our planet. QPTV has facilitated my success by providing training and refresher programs along with resources to help producers have a rewarding experience and produce media on a professional level.” Sandi Pope, has been a producer with Queens Public Television for more than 25 years, and has also produced THE BUSINESS TODAY TV show series, which was created to encourage entrepreneurship to help build economic empowerment in the community. You can view this program at