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QPTV Presents Power Women of Queens: Dr. Allison Persad

Power Women of Queens

Today on Power Women of Queens Luchia meets Dr. Allison Persad, the Principal of The Young Women’s Leadership Academy of Astoria After more than a decade in the classroom as an English teacher, she has most recently completed her doctorate in Instructional Leadership from St. John's University. The focus of her research was identifying variables that contribute to the impact on mathematics achievement. Ms. Persad has also worked as an educational administrator through the Division of Teaching and Learning with the NYC Department of Education, supporting schools across the city with instruction. Furthermore, she has been Cahn Fellow Ally, a Big Apple Teacher of the Year and has been a presenter at Confratute. Ms. Persad is currently a New York Educator Voice Fellow 2015-16. A life-long graduate of public education in NYC, she is an example and believer in creating opportunities for women and girls of all backgrounds.