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QPTV Presents Managing Transitions Late in Life

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In an environment teaming with eagerness and expectation, over 100 professionals and caregivers convened on November 5th at the Special Symposium “Managing Transitions Late in Life” presented by Margaret Tietz Center, in conjunction with Samuel Field Y, Queensboro Council for Social Welfare and PsychAssociates Group. With opening remarks by Yoel Lichstein, MPA, LNHA Executive Director at Margaret Tietz, the Symposium addressed the Impact of Care Facility Placement on the Family, as well as Understanding Cultural and Spiritual Needs, among other topics. Dr. Gary J. Kennedy, MD Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Director, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry and The Leslie and Roslyn Goldstein Geriatric Fellowship Training Program, Montefiore Medical Center spoke of the importance of having the discussions now with your family members when you are well, before any crisis occurs, about end of life care issues and both your desires and your loved one’s wishes. Dr. Barbara Gluckin, PsyD, Supervising Psychologist at PsychAssociates Group, addressed what it means to the resident and their families to transition to long term care, the need to understand their losses and the impact of all the changes, such as moving from having all their possessions in an entire house, to one small room with one dresser and one closet. Jane C. Bardavid, LCSW, Former Director of the Community Advisory Program for Elderly (CAPE) at Samuel Field YM & YWHA, echoed Dr. Kennedy’s sentiments, reflected personally on her experience, how it’s easier to go through the dying process and end of life decisions when one is informed about available choices, and knows what the family member would choose. Dr. Jeanne Devine Director of Clinical Training at PsychAssociates Group, enlightened the attendants on the importance of being culturally sensitive to end of life decisions considering that there can be so many different sentiments, attitudes and decisions to make depending on one’s cultural and religious background, and all of them taking place all at once! After a lively question and answer session, Joan Serrano Laufer, LMSW, Executive Director of the Queensboro Council on Social Welfare, delivered the closing remarks to this most informative and well-received Symposium for professionals, caregivers, Rabbis and community members. Caregivers and the community at large can access the information presented at the Symposium, look at the pictures, and watch the video of this most successful event via the Margaret Tietz website