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QPTV Presents: Around Queens with Luchia Dragosh: Picturing Female Robots and Androids with Julie Wosk

Around Queens

On this episode of Around Queens, Luchia meets with Julie Wosk, curator and writer of the exhibition, “Picturing Female Robots and Androids” at The New York Hall of Science. The exhibition is full of colorful images on the walls and is similar to her recent book, "My Fair Ladies: Female Robots, Androids, and Other Artificial Eves.” The exhibition and book have some fascinating topics which include today’s efforts to create very life-like robots, men’s use of science and technology to create “The Perfect Woman,” and work being done in today’s labs to create robot caregivers for children and the elderly. These topics are in a considerable number of movies and television series. They are also seen in art, photography, toys like Barbie Dolls, and video games.