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QPTV Presents: Around Queens with Luchia Dragosh: International Drone Day

Around Queens

Vaughn College hosted its annual International Drone Day event, where members of the College’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) club welcomed the public and shared their excitement and knowledge of unmanned aerial vehicles. It was a hands-on, high flying experience. International Drone Day is a worldwide event where over 150 cities simultaneously celebrate drones and their uses. This global experience is a collaborative effort that was started three years ago to educate the public, media and local governments about the incredible ways drones are used for good in our society, such as in search and rescue, conservation, agriculture, sport, and film. • Executive Producer: Daniel J. Leone • Producer/Director: Luchia Dragosh • Editor: Luchia Dragosh, Noran Omar • Camera: John Collins Jr., Jonathan Duran • Production Assistant: Christina Gary