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QPTV Presents: The Olive Osmond Hearing Fund "Sounds of The Night Gala"

QPTV Presents

The Olive Osmond Hearing FundThe Olive Osmond Hearing Fund hosted its 4th Annual event, “Sounds of the Night Gala” at the Chateau Briand. With special guest Merrill Osmond, lead singer for the world-famous Osmond family.

This annual event was started to help raise money for children’s hearing aids and services for families who cannot afford it. Insurance does not pay for these devices for children, which cost up to $8000 a pair. For the past three years the money raised at these events have funded 517 hearing aids to children. Please contact the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund at [email protected] for more information.

Event Recipients ‘’Bringing Music to Your Ears’’

Event Honoree


Joseph Leone, Third Rail
Marywood University School of Architecture student, Joseph Leone, was honored by the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund (OOHF) at its Annual “Sounds of the Night” Gala fundraiser, held at the Chateau Briand in New York. Joseph has been a dedicated supporter of the OOHF, which raises money for hearing aids for children who cannot afford them. These devices, along with the medical support services needed to fit and maintain them, can cost thousands of dollars and are not covered by insurance in most cases. Without hearing aids, children would miss so much in life including the pleasure of listening to music. Joseph and his band, Third Rail, have been actively involved with the start of OOHF’s New York Chapter. Merrill Osmond, lead singer of “The Osmonds,” and his son, Justin Osmond, were on hand to perform with Joseph and Third Rail. They also had the pleasure to perform with legendary singer /songwriter Garland Jeffreys.


Event Honoree


Honoree Charles Jarmon
Debbie states that it was from her first meeting in 2014; “Charles has supported the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund in every way that he could to help children receive the gift of hearing through providing services, securing sponsors and getting hearing aids donated. Charles Jarmon’s help and support has enabled the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund to give 1 7 children in New York, and 500 in Mexico the precious gift of hearing. It has been obvious through his actions that he is not doing this because it is his job. His dedication comes from his heart. It takes a special person to have the desire to help others and we are grateful that he has chosen the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund to benefit from his dedication.”

Emily Alanko
Emily is 6 years old and received her hearing aids in
August 2018. She was very excited her first day with them and could not wait to wear them in her dance competitions to help her hear the music better.

Nicholas Corona 
Nick is 18 years old and beginning the next chapter of his life by heading off to college. Having new hearing aids is helping build his confidence and he is ready to take on the world. Nick is very excited to continue working with the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund by being a spokesperson in New York and spreading the word about the work of the Foundation.

Laura Destefan
Laura is 13 years old and was excited to be able to hear better now that she is in Junior High school and making new friends.


For more information visit the OOHF website at


COVID-19 Message from the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund’s Founder & CEO Justin Osmond, and their New York Executive Director
Debbie Meyfohrt.

Due to the current state of affairs regarding the COVID-19 virus, our 5th annual Sounds of the Night Gala and our 1st Sounds on the Green events will be postponed and rescheduled for a later date.
We look forward to a time when we can continue our efforts in providing hearing aids to children. Please stay safe and healthy. You can continue to check our website at and our Facebook page at ‘’Sounds of the Night Gala-Olive Osmond Hearing Fund’’ for updated information. Thank you for your continued support. 

Best regards and stay safe from everyone at the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund Foundation.

Stay connected by watching Queens Public Television as we highlight the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund on Spectrum,
RCN and Verizon FiOS or the web, during this difficult time.

For more information visit the OOHF website at or Facebook at “Sounds of the Night Gala-Olive Osmond Hearing Fund”.
Contact Debbie Meyfohrt @ [email protected] for more information on how you can get involved. Together we can make a difference.