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QPTV LIVE: COVID - Phase II: Reunited...Does It Feel So Good?

QPTV LIVE Simulcasts

In the 1970's R&B duo Peaches and Herb sang REUNITED which at the time...FELT SO GOOD! Well fast forward 50 years after COVID....DOES IT FEEL SO GOOD TO BE REUNITED WITH YOUR CO-WORKERS and be back at your place of work?

How should it look both emotionally and physically? This is your time to have input and brainstorm with others about what the future of the workplace should look like...Breakout rooms will allow you to come up with the solutions you can present to those in charge or your work environment so you can have a direct impact on what your work environment.

This exciting presentation will be moderated by Dr. Larry S. Grubler, CEO of Transitional Services for New York, Inc and in addition to the getting your voice heard we will have two panelists, Joe Ogno of FlexSpace talking about the physical work environment and Eugene Shea, LCSW of Transitional Services for New York, Inc. talking about the emotional aspects of REUNIFICATION....