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Public Service Announcements

QPTV offers not-for-profit organizations a free outlet to provide the community with Public Service Announcements highlighting the facets of the organization. The Public Service Announcements are produced as a 30 or 60 second production. The promo is taped at QPTV’s studio, edited, and the final product is cablecast throughout the day with events, news, and useful information.

Participants who are not able to participate in a production shoot can choose to simply remit upcoming event information for QPTV viewers via e-mail or fax. There are two simple steps to accomplish this goal:

Step 1. The not-for-profit organization forwards a copy of their not-for-profit status to QPTV (the IRS page that states that the organization has 501c(3) status).

Step 2. Once it is on file with QPTV, the organization can feel free to submit the organization’s event information via fax (718-886-8168) or e-mail (
Participants are asked to submit the information at least two weeks in advance. This affords the community the opportunity to participate in the event.