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Promo: Keith David Celebrates the Music of Nat King Cole

QPTV on YouTube

QPTV recorded this breathtaking performance for Queens residents! QPAC’s Executive and Artistic Director Susan Agin kicked off the exhilarating presentation at St. John’s University Little Theatre. She called Council Member I. Daneek Miller on stage to thank him for his support of $13.5 million dollars for QPAC’s new renovation of their facility. Susan said “I can’t wait for the completion, in the meantime home is where the heart is and QPAC’s performances will go on.” Daneek gracefully greets his constituents and is thrilled to be in the audience to see the live “Let There Be Love” performance. Many celebrities came out for the riveting performance; Chapman Roberts, Broadway Choral Director/Arranger “If you close your eyes you would think it was Nat.” The ladies from Sweet Honey and the Rock- Carol Maillard “There’s nothing like telling a story in your own way” and Louise Robinson “He put his spirit in it.” Jazz vocalist Rome Neal, “I went to school with my brother and he just gave me some wonderful lessons to do a Cabaret act.” The Gibbs family from East Elmhurst said “ I came out to see my friend perform, he did a fantastic job and I was happy to be here.” Keith David’s Let There Be Love show was sold-out, and the next best thing is to enjoy this QPAC performance on Queens Public Television’s channels or website.