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QPTV Earns 3 New York Emmy Award Nominations

Public/Current/Community Affairs: Series category QUEENS STORIES: THE WAR AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING SHANDRA WOWORUNTU Shandra Woworuntu is a member of the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking, and a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence. She traveled to the USA expecting a job in the hospitality industry, but was instead forced to work as a prostitute. She is the founder of the Mentari Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program – an organization aimed at empowering human trafficking victims. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: DANIEL J. LEONE • PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: LUCHIA DRAGOSH • CINEMATOGRAPHER/EDITOR: DANIEL CANGELOSI • CINEMATOGRAPHER/COLOR GRADING: CHRISTO BAKALOV • ACTORS: JOHN COLLINS, VIKTORIA BLUMENFELD

Lifestyle Program: Feature/Segment category HAYK OLTACI: FOR THE LOVE OF RUGS Hayko is one of the most genuinely knowledgeable experts in fine oriental rugs and tapestries in the world. Hayko understands the subject down to the last knot. Widely respected both for his personal integrity and for the quality of his rugs and tapestries, Hayko works closely with museums and serious collectors, many of whom return to him again and again. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: DANIEL J. LEONE • PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: LUCHIA DRAGOSH • CINEMATOGRAPHER: CHRISTO BAKALOV • EDITOR: LUCHIA DRAGOSH • SOUND: NORAN OMAR

PUBLIC/CURRENT/COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: SERIES CATEGORY QUEENS STORIES: THE STORY OF LORENA BORJAS: THE TRANSGENDER LATINA ACTIVIST Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Dec. 27. 2017 that he would pardon 61 New Yorkers including those facing deportation or barriers to becoming citizens. One of the New Yorkers pardoned was Lorena Borjas, a 57-year old Jackson Heights resident. Borjas was convicted of fourth-degree criminal facilitation in 1994 when she was 23 years old and a victim of human trafficking. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: DANIEL J. LEONE • PRODUCER: LUCHIA DRAGOSH • DIRECTOR/EDITOR: EDDY DURAN • CAMERA: EDDY DURAN, LUCHIA DRAGOSH, STEVE CARBO • PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: CHRISTINA GARY