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Queens Conversations: Gen Z - New Voices In Politics

Queens Conversations

Move over, millennials. A new generation is poised to take the reins. They are known as Gen Z, the portion of our population that was born after 1996. Already, roughly 24 million Gen Zers were eligible to vote this November and their political clout will only increase steadily in the coming years. Will they participate in the political process or protest and attack it? This week, Queens Conversations will feature a message from State Assembly Member Elect for the 34th District, Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas. We will also speak with leaders of activist organizations that share a focus on inspiring Gen Zers to engage actively in creating effective political change. Ishikaa Kothari, youthful Founder and President of Take Action Inc. , Durga Sreenivasan, Co-Executive Director of Coalition Z, and Felicia Singh, Queens Borough Director of Amplify Her will join us.