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Queens Conversations: Can You Fight Eviction?

Queens Conversations
According to a recent estimate, some 46% of all renter households in New York are presently unable to pay their rent bill. That adds up to about one and a half million New York households. As financial relief from sources such as the CARES Act becomes unavailable, people will face the real possibility of losing their homes through eviction. Landlords and small property owners, on the other hand, will suffer from the loss of their rental income. The estimate of their total rent totaled at 2.2 billion dollars back in mid-July. A source states that over a million potential eviction notices will be filed in the next four months. These are alarming numbers. As we approach the flu season and a possible second wave of the Coronavirus, these numbers will only increase. The CDC Eviction Moratorium ends on December 31, and New York State’s ends on January 1, 2021. This week Queens Conversations will discuss the impending housing crisis and what you can do to protect your home if you face eviction.