First Generation of Queens

1st Generation

This QPTV series features first-generation Americans and asks the many culture-identity questions that they face.

By featuring diverse guests, our goal is to help the viewer with the questions they might have.

We live in a community that encourages individuals from all over the world to get to know each other and call the same land home, and our great hope is that with this series we can be an integral part of that.  


“The First Generation of Queens,” is a series focusing on the struggle first generation Americans deal with throughout their lives.
On the first episode of First Generation of Queens, Noran Omar interviews Zaynab Cewalam. Zaynab is American Egyptian. She has lived in Queens for 20 years.
Zaynab has found a creative way to combine both of her cultures into something, fashion. Zaynab was able to use both sides to style clothing in a way that expresses her American side and her Egyptian side, that has never been seen before.
Tune in to get to know the story behind Zaynab, and what a First Generation American really means.

Arielle Kandel is the founder of, New Women New Yorkers, an organization that propels young women immigrants to greater heights. Arielle is also the daughter and grand-daughter of immigrants and refugees. Arielle’s goal is to better integrate young women’s immigrant-host
country to meet their greatest potential.
Tune in to get to know the story behind Arielle, and what “First Generation American” really means.