A review of the foregoing Rules and Procedures, applicable to all users clearly illustrates that participation in the activities of QPTV is a privilege and not a right. Each individual, as you know, must conform to certain standards established by QPTV for the good of the entire access community. Violation of QPTV’s Rules and Procedures are a serious matter and offenders will be dealt with swiftly so that all other participants can enjoy the benefits of our very valuable and important Queens resources.
Offenses against QPTV have been divided into two categories - MAJOR and MINOR.
B. The following are detailed MAJOR Offenses. A violation for a MAJOR Offense will result in immediate suspension of all QPTV privileges, and in some cases, a criminal prosecution.
1. Unlawful or antagonistic behavior, fighting or creating a disturbance, abuse or harassment of QPTV staff, Users, Interns, Trainees, volunteers or visitors on the premises of QPTV. This includes making malicious, derogatory or false comments about QPTV staff, Interns, users, trainees or visitors.
2. Unauthorized possession of narcotics, weapons, ammunition or explosives, imbibing alcoholic beverages or the use of the same anywhere within the confines of QPTV's office space or production areas.
3. Gambling or bookmaking on the premises.
4. Smoking or igniting flame producing agents anywhere within QPTV’s or Time Warner Cable’s facilities and/or failure to observe fire safety rules.
5. Theft, misuse or vandalism of the property of QPTV including: failure to return equipment through intent, negligence or loss without reimbursement or the unauthorized removal of equipment from QPTV's facilities.
6. Use of QPTV equipment and facilities for any purpose not related to the production of programs for cablecast on the QPTV Public Access Channels.
7. Use of QPTV's facilities for commercial use.
8. Making false or misleading statements on any QPTV document, or providing false information in requesting use of QPTV’s facilities.
9. Use of equipment by non-certified personnel, non-certified trainees or probationary users.
10. Any technical reconfiguration of QPTV equipment or attempt at disassembly or repair of any QPTV equipment.
11. Willful disregard for QPTV Rules and Procedures.
A MAJOR VIOLATION does not require any written warning and will result in summary suspension from the use of equipment and facilities. Summary suspension shall be transmitted to the offending participant by written notice and also by certified mail (Return Receipt Requested) sent to that person at the last known address listed at the office of QPTV. Provided proof of the certified mailing is in the files of QPTV - refusal by a User to accept certified mail and/or to execute the return receipt for same shall nonetheless constitute sufficient notice to the offender of the imposition of the summary suspension. In addition, a person charged with a MAJOR VIOLATION shall not be granted any probationary period.
C. MINOR Offenses consist of the following infractions which may result in probationary sanctions.
1. Failure to return equipment on time.
2. Cancellation of a reservation without sufficient notice.
3. Late return of equipment without an authorized extension.
4. Return of functional but dirty equipment.
5. Unsafe or improper use of equipment.
6. Improper packaging of equipment for field production.
7. Reserving or checking out equipment for another QPTV Certified Community User unless otherwise specified and approved. 
8. Drinking or eating in any restricted equipment areas of QPTV.
9. Failure to turn in a program for QPTV cablecasting.