A. Emergency Evacuation Procedures
QPTV has designated members of the staff to serve as Fire Wardens in case of fire, blackout or some other emergency. The Fire Wardens and their responsibilities are as follows:
Fire Warden: Manager of Access Producers
Assistant/Back-up: QPTV Receptionist
Responsible for evacuating the following areas: All Edit Suites, Dub Room, Studios A & B,
Kitchen, Production and Community Development Offices & Ladies’ and Men’s restrooms.
Fire Warden: Deputy Executive Director
Assistant/Back-up: Programming Manager
Responsible for evacuating the following areas:
Programming Department including: Program Manager's Office, Equipment
Room, Executive Assistant's office, Administration, Deputy Executive
Director's Office, Executive Director’s Office, Community Development Office,
Operations Manager's area & Ladies’ and Men’s restrooms.
Fire Warden: Video Trafficking Coordinator responsible for QPTV’s 1st floor facilities.
Assistant/Back-up: Programming Coordinator
Responsible for evacuating the following areas:
Training Room, Tape Library; Editing Suite; Programming Department Annex
including reception area & Ladies’ and Men’s restrooms.
After 6:00pm during the week and on Saturdays, the receptionist that is on duty during those hours will be the designated Fire Warden. The rendezvous point once everyone has left the building will be in front of Saint Michael’s Church located on Barclay Avenue between Kissena Boulevard and Union Street.
QPTV will conduct fire/emergency drills apart from those drills conducted by Time Warner Cable. In either event you are asked to cooperate with our Fire Wardens and or their assistants in vacating the facility in a safe and efficient manner.
B. TIME WARNER & QPTV Security Procedures Regarding Visitors
In the effort to maintain a safe and secure work place for the staff and the guests of QPTV and to be compliant with the rules and regulations of Time Warner Cable, all visitors must:
• Sign in at both the Time Warner and QPTV reception areas.
• State who you are and who you are here to see and your purpose for visiting QPTV.
As we continue to strive for excellence in customer service, we ask for your patience and allow us time to come up to the lobby to escort you to our facilities for we may be on the phone or serving someone else. This security procedure was implemented to ensure a safe environment for all.
The management of the QUEENS PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION in recognition of its responsibility to each of its employees has adopted a company policy whereby we provide safe working conditions, against particular hazards, for all employees, producers, interns and guests. It is the obligation of each person to observe our safety regulations and to use QPTV's facilities with the highest degree of safety possible at all times.