1. Technical production services may be made available to not-for-profit 501(C)3 community based organizations and institutions for a nominal fee to cover out-of-pocket expenses.
a. QPTV will entertain request for technical production services only after submission of a formal Program Proposal is approved by the Program Committee.
b. Request for this Program Proposal must be submitted on the Organization's or Institution's official letterhead and signed by the Chief Operating Officer, to be considered.
2. All program proposals from not-for-profit 501(C)3 Community Groups, shall contain the following information:
a. A statement of mission of the Organization.
b. A copy of documentation establishing not-for-profit status for the organization.
c. List of the Board of Directors.
d. The dates, times and locations of the project(s) to be videotaped.
e. A clear description of the activity to be videotaped, including names of sponsors, participating groups and funding sources.
f. A clear statement of relevance to the residents of Queens.
g. The name of the individual(s) from the organization who will produce the program and who will be available throughout the length of the project.
h. Statement of ability to render payment of service fees, which will be determined by QPTV. These fees shall be based on an estimated production budget, based on QPTV's standard rate card, and will include an estimate of total (pre and post) production time put in by QPTV staff in order to facilitate the project.
3. The following factors will be taken into consideration in determining costs:
a. Whether request is for single or multiple activities.
b. Complexity of project.
c. Availability of QPTV staff and or facilities and equipment.
4. Conditions Of Acceptance:
a. Before QPTV will undertake technical facilitating responsibilities, the Organization agrees to be the Executive Producer.
b. The Organization and/or Institution shall act in compliance with the Policy and Procedures as outlined in this manual and further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless QPTV and its Directors, Officers, Employees and its Agents against any claims arising out of any use of the program material that is cablecast or any breach of the signed Statement of Compliance, including but not limited to any
claim in the nature of libel, slander, invasion of privacy or publicity right, noncompliance with applicable laws and unauthorized use of copyrighted material.
c. When production fees are assessed, a deposit of one third of the assessment will be required upon contract signing, with invoices to be sent at regular intervals, with payment in full due before cablecast date.
d. QPTV and the Organization shall enter into an agreement through a written QPTV standard contract for services as facilitators.