A. General Rules
1. To be eligible for live programming on the QPTV channels, a user must have been studio certified by QPTV in Studio Techniques.
a. A QPTV User must have demonstrated the ability to coordinate and produce quality programming in a consistent and timely fashion, and demonstrate the  organizational and production skills necessary to mounting a live production in real time. QPTV Users are encouraged to monitor other live programs before attempting to go on air.
b. The QPTV User must have taken a lead role in a minimum of two studio productions through QPTV facilities.
c. Approval of a live program shall be made at the sole discretion of the QPTV staff and such decision shall be final.
2. The maximum length for a live program is 60 minutes. Exceptions are at the discretion of management.
3. Indecent Exposure is strictly prohibited on the premises of QPTV including editing suites, administrative offices, and all other areas that are used in common with Time Warner Cable and other tenants of 41-61 Kissena Boulevard. Queens Public Communications Corporation is not to be considered a censor of any program material, however, QPTV is obligated to insure that all local laws are respected regarding programs taped in our studios or shown on the access channels.
Studio “B” is a two (2) camera production system. This studio is used for simple productions (talk show, solo performer, etc.) that require one or two (2) QPTV Certified Access Producers. A producer may be transferred to this studio if an adequate number of crew members are not present for the three camera Studio “A” production appointment.
1. In order to schedule a Live Studio Program a QPTV Certified User must participate in QPTV’s lottery drawing.
2. A detailed Studio Program Planning Outline (Form #5) must be on file at least one week in advance of the reservation (production date), including:
a. A confirmed production crew (a minimum of 8) and talent list.
b. Plans for staging and sets.
c. A script which includes a timing of program segments and a plan for completing the program in the specified time.
3. Considerations of audience, special set-ups, live music and other such unique production elements must be confirmed and approved by QPTV staff at least one week in advance of the production.
4. Requests for live call-in programs must detail public relations and promotional efforts undertaken by the QPTV User and/or group to ensure some guarantee of response for the call-in segment.
5. QPTV Users risk losing their scheduled live time:
a. If any oral or written misrepresentations have been made to QPTV.
b. Having inadequate crew to successfully fulfill the obligation to produce the scheduled programming.
c. Lateness.
d. Demonstrating a consistent inability to begin and end programming in scheduled and/or required times.
e. Inability to perform adequate technical skills in a live situation.
f. Violations of public access rules and procedures occurring during live programming.