1. The User has an obligation to allow QPTV at least four (4) cablecasts of a completed program (NOT APPLICABLE TO SPONSORS/ PROVIDERS).
2. All program rights and obligations, belong exclusively to the Producer of the program.
3. Programming produced with QPTV equipment or facilities must carry the following credit line at the conclusion of each program so produced:
"This program was produced through the facilities of, Queens Public Television, Flushing, New York."
1. Programs to be cablecast on the QPTV channels must meet minimum technical standards including, but not limited to, considerations of signal strength, continuity and quality, tape quality, technical formatting and cueing considerations. If a program does not meet these guidelines, QPTV will not cablecast these programs. (See Page 37).
2. Programs must be a minimum running time of 28:00 or 58:00 minutes or a maximum running time of 28:30 or 58:30 in length.
3. Programs must be in a format suitable for QPTV's playback and automation equipment. All programs must include audio on channels one and two.
4. Tapes must be properly labeled and slated: Program title, program length in minutes and seconds, name of Producer, owner or organization and production date. Please indicate that audio is on channel one and two.
5. All videotaped and/or live programming cablecast on the QPTV channels must clearly identify the User on the videotape.
6. UNDERWRITING: No programs can include solicitation or fund raising of any kind. Underwriter's credits may include the legal business name and must be placed at the end of a program. Total credit time for all underwriters may not exceed 30 seconds. All on-screen addresses or telephone numbers must be displayed as follows:
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: (Phone number or E-mail address) or WRITE TO: (Street address, or E-mail Address)
7. Programming not produced through QPTV facilities, or sponsored by QPTV, must be submitted or sponsored by a Queens resident with a bona-fide current Queens address. Such name, address, phone number and signature, must be clearly identified on the Channel User Contract/Statement of Compliance (Form #2) for QPTV files. A post office box IS NOT acceptable.
8. Building a regular viewership with a viable programming schedule will be a high priority in all matters of QPTV channel reservations.