A. Raw Footage and Masters
1. QPTV maintains an inventory of videotape (raw stock) for field production, editingand studio production. Producers can purchase raw stock from QPTV for the prices listed on the rate card.
2. The QPTV User can provide their own tape for field production, editing and studio production, so long as said tape meets QPTV’s stated technical standards.
3. The edited master tape will be submitted to the Production Department for processing, and given a library number. If the original master is not picked up by the Producer at the end of six months (after its first cablecast), the tape will be erased and recycled.
4. All program rights belong to the QPTV User.
5. QPTV has the option to archive significant representative programming produced through QPTV facilities, and will use segments of such archived material to prepare demonstration, instructional or sample tapes to conduct QPTV's routine training, outreach and development programs.
6. QPTV will not sell or distribute commercially, any QPTV Certified Community Access Producer’s program, but expressly reserves the right to enter programs produced through the facilities of QPTV in festivals and competitions.
7. QPTV has the authority to show and/or give a copy of a program to any municipal, state or federal government agency requesting same, so long as said program remains in the archives of QPTV.
8. QPTV's Users must be prepared with a check or money order for video tape purchases. A money order is required for workshops. Both must be made out for the correct (exact) amount and made payable to QPTV. QPTV Users are responsible for all bank charges incurred for returned checks. The use of the facilities will be denied to anyone who continues to be irresponsible regarding on-time payment. Money orders only will be accepted after one returned check. Third party checks are not accepted.
1. Use of QPTV editing equipment by QPTV Users to make dubs is prohibited. Dubbingwill be done by QPTV staff only.
2. Dubbing requests will only be accepted after a program has been completed and scheduled for cablecast.
3. QPTV will dub at no cost to the QPTV User, however, the QPTV User must supply all tape and DVD stock for dubbing. A maximum of one, in the master format (DVCAM), two VHS and one DVD dub per library number will be permitted.
C. Tape Drop-Off and Pick-Up
1. Programs can be dropped off and/or picked-up Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 5:30pm. QPTV’s drop-off facility is located on the street level of Flushing Plaza, 41-65 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing, New York 11355.