A. General Rules:
QPTV facilities are restricted to staff members, trainees, interns, QPTV Users and guest associated with the user's project. Everyone must sign in at QPTV’s front desk upon arrival. It is also necessary to list, on the Program Planning Outline (PPO), the crew members and expected guests who will be using the facilities.
1. All equipment use must be within the franchise area, defined as the geographical boundaries of the Borough of Queens.
2. QPTV Users seeking to use equipment outside of the Borough of Queens must:
a. Submit a letter no less than ten (10) days in advance of the production, indicating reasons for request.
b. Demonstrate the manner in which the required exception is for the purpose of programming for the residents of Queens.
c. Obtain written approval from QPTV's Executive Director in advance of scheduling any such activity.
3. At no time is any QPTV equipment allowed to leave New York State.
NOTE: Each case will be handled on an individual basis, and final decision rests with QPTV.
4. All equipment use must be for recording or preparing a program for cablecast on the QPTV channels. From time to time, QPTV reserves the right to visit the location to ensure that all the proper procedures are being adhered to.
5. Rough editing, pre-editing, compiling, archiving and other uses that are not moving a program toward cablecast on QPTV's channels is prohibited.
6. QPTV's portable equipment may only be used by a QPTV Certified Community Access Producer, with all necessary paperwork on file at QPTV.