1.     The videotape formats accepted by QPTV are: Professional Sony DVCAM (including Mini DVCAM, DVCAM-34 & DVCAM-64). Due to the digital automation system upgrade, QPTV only accepts professional DVCAM cassettes (34min & 64min) for cablecast. The length of a cablecast in actual on air program minutes should not be more than 28:30 or 58:30.
2.     Tape content must be as follows: (a.) 30 seconds video black; (b.) 60 seconds of Color Bars and Tone; (c.) 10 seconds slate with complete identification of program material (see #9); (d.) 10 seconds black and (e.) 10 seconds Count Down Clock. Additionally, use video black following end of program (closing credits) to end of videotape.
 3.      There must be only one program recorded per videotape cassette.
 4.      Audio must be mixed on both audio tracks (one and two).
 5.      A signal (Time Code) must begin within the first ten seconds of the physical  
           beginning of the videotape and must be continuous throughout, that is, “header”
          through “run out.”
 6.      Active video must adhere to industry standards for digital video cablecast.
 7.      Videotape shall contain no physical splices or tape damage.
 8.      Tape must be of good quality, with no damage or excessive loss of signal.
 9.      Tape must be properly labeled and slated: Program Title; Program Length (in minutes & seconds for example 28:30 or 58:30); Name of Producer; Owner or organization; Production Date. The videotape must have assurance of all audio track identification and/or mix.
10.     Improper labeling can result in lost tapes. If the cassettes are not properly labeled, they will not be processed into the QPTV Library System.
11.     Videotapes must be submitted to the Videotape Trafficking Department with sufficient advance time for processing into the system and scheduling (at least five days in advance).
12.     Along with a completed Cablecast Submission Application (Form #3), each program must be accompanied by a QPTV Channels Users Contract and Statement of Compliance (form #2). Only one copy of each form is needed for a Series (52 weeks) program. Programs that are not part of a series (Special) must always be accompanied by both Form #2 and Form #3 for each cassette.
Revised 6/15