The Queens Public Communications Corporation (QPTV) is a not-for-profit corporation.
1. QPTV administers, manages and controls four access channels in accordance with the provisions of the Franchise Agreement between the City of New York and Time Warner Cable of New York City, RCN Cable Systems AND Verizon FiOS for the Borough of Queens and the facilities, equipment, supplies, services and other support made available to the Corporation in connection with those channels.
2. QPTV participates in the training and education of the residents of Queens, (on a limited basis) in the production, development and cablecasting of programs.
Use of QPTV channel space is based on a first-come, first-served application basis conducted through a lottery system without regard for race, creed, sex, national origin or religious preference. QPTV, at its discretion, may impose reasonable limitations to assure fair access by all to QPTV facilities and to provide for diverse and viable channel traffic.
In addition, QPTV shall maintain these channels in a manner that is free of censorship and control of program content except as stated within this manual and as is necessary to comply with local, state or federal laws or regulations.
Queens Public Access facilities are funded by the cable companies under the Franchise Agreement with the City of New York. QPTV makes no charge for the cablecasting of programs. The equipment, studio time, editing facilities and channel user space are provided at no cost to the public. Anything contrary to this is not in accordance with QPTV rules and procedures and the Queens Franchise Agreement governing public access.
Stuart Domber, President, QPTV
Daniel J. Leone, Executive Director, QPTV